Learn How Cotton Becomes Your Clothing with "The Harvest"

A field of cotton against a bright blue sky

10,000 Pounds of Cotton is our project to bring the American farmer back to the table in the fashion industry. We're sourcing 10,000 pounds of cotton grown in North Carolina direct from the farmer and having it made into t-shirts entirely in the Carolinas.

We're inviting you to be a part of the process with "The Harvest: A Gathering of Conversations for the Future of Cotton." You'll get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the seven separate steps it takes to turn cotton into a t-shirt and participate in live discussions with the people and companies who make it happen.

"The Harvest" is part of our commitment to radical transparency and made-in-the-USA. It's an opportunity for shoppers, brands, and sustainable fashion advocates to see how we're leading the way in ethical, local clothing manufacturing. Every session is free and open to anyone who wants to see what American making is all about.

Upcoming Sessions

The Harvest Part 5: Carolina Cotton Works in Gaffney, SC
March 11, 2021
12pm-1pm EST

For part 5 of "The Harvest," we travel to Gaffney, SC to meet with Stacey Bridges of Carolina Cotton Works. Carolina Cotton Works will be finishing the fabric for the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton t-shirts. What is fabric finishing? It's an essential but little-known step in making the fabric for your t-shirts look and feel great.

The Harvest Part 6: Opportunity Threads in Morganton, NC
April 14, 2021
12pm-1pm EST

In April we head to Opportunity Threads, the largest US-based, worker-owned cut and sew facility. We'll meet with Molly Hemstreet, founder and general manager at Opportunity Threads, and learn about their commitment to ecological stewardship in textile production along with empowering, stable, and non-exploitative labor.

The Harvest Part 7: TS Designs in Burlington, NC
May 12, 2021
12pm-1pm EST

Our last stop of "The Harvest" is TS Designs in Burlington, NC. TS Designs is an apparel company committed to a sustainable, 100% U.S.-based supply chain—and also one of the brands behind the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project. CEO Eric Henry will take us inside TS Designs' dye house, which is one of the only garment dyeing facilities in the Eastern U.S. You'll see how our t-shirts get their color and learn why garment dyeing results in a higher-quality shirt.

Catch Up on Past Sessions

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