RSVP for The Harvest Part 5: Fabric Finishing at Carolina Cotton Works

We're letting you see behind the scenes of every step of making our 10,000 Pounds of Cotton t-shirts with "The Harvest: A Gathering of Conversations for the Future of Cotton." Join us as we travel to meet the people and companies in North and South Carolina who grow and make your clothing.

Our next conversation is Thursday, March 11 at 12PM EST with Stacey Bridges of Carolina Cotton Works. Carolina Cotton Works is a textile company in Gaffney, SC that will be finishing the fabric for the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton t-shirts. (Fabric finishing refers to processes that improve the look, performance, or feel of a textile.) RSVP here.

About Carolina Cotton Works

Carolina Cotton Works, Inc. (CCW) is a textile company that specializes in dyeing, tubular finishing, open width finishing, and fabric package sales for the fashion and performance apparel as well as the medical and military industries. CCW was founded in 1995, and has continued to reinvest in itself through changing times by diversifying its capabilities through technology, experience, and innovation. In an effort to be competitive and environmentally responsible in a global market, CCW has invested in production equipment that saves energy and water and reduces carbon emissions and landfill waste.

About the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project

10,000 Pounds of Cotton is a project to bring the American farmer back to the table in the fashion industry. We've crowdfunded a project to buy cotton directly from a farmer at a fair price and then have it made into t-shirts completely in the Carolinas.

“The Harvest” has brought the textile industry, old and new customers, and worldwide press together to watch North Carolina cotton be made into t-shirts for the backers of our project.

Catch up with the series by watching recordings of previous conversations.