Homesteader Fit F - White

Homesteader Fit F - White

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We designed our Fit F to turn simplicity into a thing of beauty. Classic with a feminine spin, it’s a testament to comfort and timelessness, suited for the likes of Billie Holiday, Marilyn Monroe and all the glorious-yet-not-famous people we see working on American farms. We make it in four colors. Wear one and we bet you’ll want all four.

Information about our T Shirt sizing can be found here.


1. It's made from super comfortable ringspun cotton. Ringspinning is an extra step during which the cotton is spun around a ring mechanism to create a finer, tighter gauge of thread. The result is a noticeably softer shirt that doesn't pill or get holes as quickly as ordinary cotton. Bottom line, ringspun shirts feel better and last longer. Now, your favorite, comfiest t-shirt can also be your longest-lasting.

2. As you can see from the photos, all Solid State shirts are white until the very last step when we dye them. It also ensures that your shirt will always fit, because the same step that colors the shirt also pre-shrinks the shirt. You can soak your Solid State shirt in boiling water and it will not shrink (yup, we've tried this).

3. Extra tough where it matters. We sew our seams with what’s called a “4-needle overlock stitch.” If we were carpenters, it would be equivalent of using big bolts instead of little nails. This reinforces the areas that get the most stretch. It makes your shirt last longer.

4. The front collar! This is the part of the shirt closest to your face, so we add single-needle chainstich that helps it lay flat and look sharp.

5. Tailored fit. Back in the early 1900's, when t-shirts first entered people's wardrobe — starting with sailors — they were more fitted. Based on our love of those old sailor photos, we've designed our t-shirts with a more classic, tailored look. We also spent a lot of time on details like sleeve length and where the shoulder seam sits — the way we look at it, there’s no reason why a t-shirt can’t be your best-fitting shirt. However, if you like a bigger, boxy fit (not to mention a a super soft, long-lasting shirt with a heckuva front collar) just order a size or two bigger.