10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project



Clothing from your local farmer.

Solid State's 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project was created to transfer power to U.S. cotton farmers—and to you as a conscious consumer.

In 2020, we committed to buying 10,000 pounds of cotton at a fair price directly of third-generation farmer Andrew Burleson in New London, NC. We crowdfunded the manufacturing of t-shirts from Andrew's cotton; in late summer 2021, our crowdfunding supporters received those t-shirts to wear.



The manufacturing of those shirts took place entirely in North and South Carolina—within a 250-mile radius of Solid State Clothing’s home in Burlington, NC. A unique QR code label on each shirt even lets you track the making, from dirt to shirt, by providing information on each business involved in the process.

The result is The North Carolina Cotton T-Shirt. It's a shirt with a look and feel unique to its origin. Like a fine wine, it’s a t-shirt with terroir, and this is our 2020 vintage. 

A limited number of the 2020 North Carolina Cotton T-Shirts are available for purchase. Shop here