Cotton Share (One T-shirt) + Holiday Bonus Gift

Cotton Share (One T-shirt) + Holiday Bonus Gift

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A project to bring the farmer back to the table by connecting what we grow to what we wear.


Solid State's 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project was created to transfer power to U.S. cotton farmers and to you as a conscious consumer.

We are asking you to help us rebuild the American cotton supply chain sustainably and regeneratively. We are asking you to be investors in an exciting future where we all create better soil, fair-wage jobs and stronger local economies.

With 75% of US cotton being put on ships and sent to China, India or somewhere else to be processed and sewn into clothes and then shipped back for us to buy as cheaply as possible, we've also decided to put a stop to the madness.

We're all going to learn as we go, but the one thing we know is that we will all have a much better idea of where something as simple as a t-shirt comes from.

What do you have to do? Believe in change and buy a share of cotton.

A share of cotton for us is a t-shirt, so buy a few shares, get other friends to become investors, and help us grow this project—because farmers are ready to be part, they just need to know there's a demand. Let's show them there is.


Are you a brand interested in buying shares wholesale? We offer shares of our 10,000 Pounds Project for custom printing (min. 200) and private label (min. 1,000). Contact us for information at hello@solidstate.clothing.


It’s simple: you buy a share of cotton, and by spring 2021 you get your investment back as a t-shirt made from that cotton. Buy as many shares as you like. Your investment goes directly to buying cotton from our North Carolina farmer and making the t-shirts right here in the Carolinas. 

Holiday Special: As a special bonus for the holidays, everyone who purchases a cotton share by December 16 will get a bonus gift: a package sent to you or the special person on your gift list containing a Share Certificate and a piece of beautiful, fluffy cotton direct from Andrew Burleson's North Carolina farm—the same cotton we're making into our 10,000 Pounds Project t-shirts.

T-shirts will be available in unisex and women’s styles (similar to our Homesteader Fit M and Homesteader Fit F) in sizes S-XXL in white, black, and two additional colors TBD (spoiler: you’ll get to vote on them!). Your share includes free shipping to locations in the U.S.

In addition, you’ll get regular updates and behind-the-scenes looks at the process of turning cotton into your t-shirt, as well as invitations to virtual sessions with insiders and experts in sustainable farming and fashion.

You’ll be charged when you purchase the shares. Once all shares are sold, we’ll reach out to you to request your preferred style, size, and color of your t-shirts. Your t-shirts will be shipped to you in spring of 2021.

Got questions? Contact us at hello@solidstate.clothing.