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Hemp Beanie - Avocado Pink

Sale price¥8,300

Our pioneering Hemp Beanie is one of the first pieces of clothing made from U.S.-grown hemp. It’s a year-round knit hat made from a 30% American hemp, 70% American cotton blend that’s comfortable, breathable, durable, and 100% natural.

Naturally dyed with avocado pits sourced from a local restaurant to a muted, pale pink.

A classic beanie style combines rib knit to hug your head and jersey knit for a slightly relaxed fit. A cotton logo label and cotton thread mean it’s 100% plastic-free, vegan, and biodegradable. Spun, knitted, dyed, and sewn in North Carolina, USA.

  • 30% U.S.-grown hemp, 70% U.S.-grown cotton
  • Naturally dyed with locally-sourced avocado pits
  • Unisex style, one size
  • Approx. 8.5" long
  • 100% cotton label sewn with cotton thread
  • Made in North Carolina, USA

American-Grown Hemp Is (Finally) Coming to Your Closet

Hemp is one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans, but for decades it was illegal to grow it in the United States. In 2018, new federal regulations made it possible for U.S. farmers to once again grow hemp commercially.

However, no one had produced clothing from hemp in the U.S. in a long time. Textile machinery to turn hemp plants into clothing simply did not exist in this country. 

After years of R&D, a community of innovators and dreamers has created a beautiful, eco-friendly blend of hemp and cotton for our clothing. Blending hemp with cotton means we can make clothing on the textile machines we already have here. 

Our hemp/cotton blend brings new dimensions to the natural fabric world, providing more durability than 100% cotton. In addition, this new natural fabric will be an antidote to pervasive use of petroleum-based polyester in the apparel industry.

Hemp Beanie - Avocado Pink
Hemp Beanie - Avocado Pink Sale price¥8,300

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