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Watch The Harvest, a Video Series Tracking the Making of Solid State T-shirts

We launched the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project to give conscious consumers the opportunity to directly invest in sustainable, local, 100% U.S.-grown-and-made clothing. We created “The Harvest: A Gathering of Conversations for the Future of Cotton” to invite anyone interested to watch the making of the 10,000 Pounds t-shirts as it happens and meet the people behind the process. 
 So far we've hosted three virtual conversations with members of our supply chain: cotton farmer Andrew Burleson; Wes Morgan, manager of Rolling Hills Cotton Gin; and Andy Long, VP of Sales and Marketing at the Spunlab division of Parkdale Mills.
 You can watch recordings of each of these conversations below. To hear about upcoming conversations for The Harvest, sign up...

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The Harvest Conversation Series Part 2: Wes Morgan of Rolling Hills Gin

Since we launched the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton —our project to bring the American farmer back to the table in the fashion industry—we’ve been amazed at the response. Our series of discussions with people integral to this project called “The Harvest: A Gathering of Conversations for the Future of Cotton” has brought the textile industry, old and new customers, and worldwide press together to better understand our dirt-to-shirt journey here in North Carolina. For our first discussion, we talked to Andrew Burleson, the farmer growing the 10,000 pounds of cotton for our project. Our second conversation was with Wes Morgan, Manager of Rolling Hills Cotton Gin, who talked about the complexities and opportunities of ginning regional cotton.  Stay tuned for...

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Solid State Clothing Launches the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project Paying American Farmers Above Market Rates to Make 15,000 T-shirts

BURLINGTON, NC—TS Designs, a North Carolina screen printing and t-shirt company committed to sustainability, recently launched the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project on their site Solid State Clothing. The Solid State Clothing site features a new brand of premium t-shirts manufactured entirely in the Carolinas as well as a U.S. cotton project that aims to reinvent the American cotton supply chain. By paying North Carolina farmers at above market rate prices, the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project will be an experiment to see how flipping the power in the cotton supply chain can change the way farmers operate. TS Designs President Eric Henry has committed to buying 10,000 pounds of cotton—enough to make about 15,000 t-shirts—from Andrew Burleson, a third...

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