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Our Story

From a town in central North Carolina with a 250-year textile industry history, we use local materials and local manufacturers to craft premium-quality clothing with classic style.

Who We Are

We are people who believe in crafting the best clothing possible with local materials and local making. Solid State Clothing was started in 2020 by TS Designs, a textile company in Burlington, NC that has been dedicated to local, sustainable manufacturing since the 1990s.

Materials & Making

We use 100% U.S-grown cotton to make classic, premium-quality t-shirts entirely in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our products are meticulously crafted to be the best damn t-shirt on Earth: super-soft, garment dyed, pre-shrunk, and durably constructed for years of wear.

Local Production

Our mission isn't just about exceptional quality; it's about creating products rooted in local community and history. We believe in working directly with local farmers, manufacturers, and artisans is the best way to make exceptional clothing, sustainably and ethically.


Every decision we make about how we create our products seeks to benefit the land we live on and the people in our community. Working with no-till farms, sourcing locally-grown dye plants, recycling textile waste, and using the sun to power our offices and create natural dyes are just some of our sustainability initiatives.

Behind the Name

Our name is inspired by solid state electronics, invented in the U.S. in the 1940s. Solid state technology made possible the durable, portable, classic consumer electronics that revolutionized American culture. Solid State Clothing embraces that spirit of made-in-USA quality, ingenuity, and classic style.

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