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Introducing: The Marigold Beanie

Solid State Clothing's latest project — a collaboration with Carolina Textile District (CTD) and Fonta Flora Brewery — weaves our core values into a product we’re proud to present, one that represents all that we stand for… the Marigold Beanie.

Inside the American Spinning Factory That Makes Our Top-Quality Cotton Yarns

The softness and durability of Solid State t-shirts are directly connected to the quality of the cotton they're made from. We take a deep dive with into the spinning process with Andy Long of Parkdale Mills to get a better understanding of what makes our cotton t-shirts the best of the best.

How Stable Are Natural Dyes? University Student Research Helps Us Find Out

How can we store natural dyes to keep them as stable as possible—so we get consistent color for our clothing? An Elon University student has partnered with Solid State Clothing on a research project to find out.

Two NC Vintage Clothing Experts Tell the History of the T-Shirt

  “Knowing where the things that you put on your body every day come from is of equal importance to knowing where t...

Building a Local Supply Chain with Natural Dyes Sourced in Our Backyard

  At Solid State Clothing, we’re continually pushing the boundaries on what’s possible in printing and what it means...

Solid State Clothing & Croatan Institute Announce New Collaboration

Solid State Clothing, Croatan Institute, and TS Designs are excited to announce a new collaboration featuring a naturally-dyed North Carolina Black Walnut T-Shirt sourced from the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project, an initiative created to transfer power to U.S. cotton farmers and conscious consumers. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will support Croatan Institute’s mission to build social equity and ecological resilience by leveraging finance to create pathways to a just economy.

Watch The Harvest, a Video Series Tracking the Making of Solid State T-shirts

We launched the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project to give conscious consumers the opportunity to directly invest in sus...

Solid State Clothing Launches the 10,000 Pounds of Cotton Project Paying American Farmers Above Market Rates to Make 15,000 T-shirts

BURLINGTON, NC—TS Designs, a North Carolina screen printing and t-shirt company committed to sustainability, recently...
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