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Pioneering American-Grown and Made Hemp Clothing

Solid State Clothing is developing some of the first hemp clothing that is U.S.-grown and U.S.-made. 

a blue t-shirt being held up above someone's head on the background of a blue sky

American-grown hemp clothing is coming to your closet.

Hemp clothing is beautiful, durable, and sustainable. But virtually none of the hemp clothing you can buy is made from U.S. hemp. We're changing that.

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The Challenge: U.S-Grown Hemp with Nowhere to Go

A hemp field at sunrise

Farmers want to grow hemp for fiber, and consumers want to wear American hemp. It just hasn’t been possible.

Hemp is one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans, but for decades it was illegal to grow it in the United States. In 2018, new federal regulations made it possible for U.S. farmers to once again grow hemp commercially.

Compared to cotton, hemp grows more quickly and produces more fiber with less inputs per acre. People can’t wait to get a chance to wear locally-grown clothing made from this beautiful, durable, environmentally beneficial fiber.

There’s just one catch: no one has produced clothing from hemp in the U.S. in a long time. Textile machinery to turn hemp plants into clothing simply does not exist in this country.

An illustration of a 19th century hemp breaking machine


The Solution: Creativity, Collaboration, and Courage

Solid State Clothing is working to change that. We've partnered with other dreamers and innovators in the Carolinas to make the first U.S.-grown and made hemp clothing.

We're doing R&D to develop a hemp and cotton blend fabric for t-shirts and other garments. Blending hemp with cotton means we can make clothing on the textile machines we already have here. 


A ball of fluffy off-white fiber roving made from hemp and cotton

We've developed prototypes and run experiment after experiment. We're just about there.

All the making is taking place in the Carolinas, because we believe keeping things local is the best way to benefit both people and the planet.

Our hemp/cotton blend will bring new dimensions to the natural fabric world, providing more durability than 100% cotton. In addition, providing a new natural fabric will be an antidote to pervasive (and increasing) use of polyester in the apparel industry.


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Get Technical

Ready to take a deep dive into the present and future of the American hemp apparel industry? Read Hemp: A Challenge to Bring it Home, a white paper by Eric Henry, CEO of Solid State Clothing.